A key part of our identity is our dedication to protect the natural world and the wildlife within it. As humans, it is our responsibility to leave behind a world as beautiful as the one we inherited. Therefore, we give support and resources for sustainability and threatened parts of nature.


When creating jewellery, we are committed to only use the highest quality diamonds, not just in appearance but also in integrity. We know the importance of the origin of our diamonds and honour the journey of the sustainably sourced ones. That is why, we only source diamonds from countries that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to make sure that our customers and ourselves can have complete peace at heart when wearing these wonderful stones.


Our dedication for preserving wildlife influenced by the jewellery industry is key, as we believe in the possibility of leaving behind a better world. That is why we donate part of our profits to preserving, for instance, elephants. These amazing animals have suffered severely from people’s interest in their ivory. Our jewellery does not contain any materials from wildlife, as we consider these practices unethical.